MVHR The Best Way to keep your Home Healthy and Efficient

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It only makes sense to want to keep your home as healthy and efficient as possible. With studies proving that the air quality in your home directly contributes to your overall health, it’s essential to do everything you can to ensure that the air in your home is clean and fresh. Not only that, but you also want to ensure that your home is operating efficiently in terms of energy use. And cutting down on your energy bills is one of the best ways to improve the overall health of your wallet. Harnessing the power of MVHR, or mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, in your home lets you achieve both goals.

How does MVHR work?

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery delivers fresh, filtered air into your home without creating excessive demand on your heating and cooling systems. It works by capturing the thermal energy from the air within the building and using it to warm the incoming fresh air. The result is a reliable ventilation system that establishes and maintains excellent indoor air quality in your home year-round.

By simultaneously extracting damp, stale and contaminated air while supplying clean, fresh, filtered air into the home, MVHR systems provide significant benefits to the health of your home.

The benefits of MVHR in your home

Having an MVHR system in your home means not worrying about overburdening your home’s heating and cooling system or the unpleasant drafts that result from open windows. Additionally, MVHR provides background ventilation to help reduce the build-up of odours and pollutants, such as from cooking, drying clothes or using cleaning products.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is also an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Using thermal energy from the air within the building, MVHR systems help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. And by reducing your energy consumption, MVHR systems can help you save money on your energy bills.

Another great benefit of this mechanical ventilation system is its ability to help purify the air of allergy-inducing pollen, mould, and other contaminants. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems also helps prevent condensation and dampness, which can lead to respiratory illnesses. Plus, they are reticent when in use.

Final thoughts

When you’re looking for ways to improve the health of your home and reduce your carbon footprint, MVHR is a great option. This mechanical ventilation system helps establish and maintain excellent indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption. And MVHR systems are quiet when in use, so you can rest assured that they won’t disrupt your daily life.

Installing an MVHR system in your home improves your home’s air quality helps reduce your carbon footprint and saves you money on your energy bills. It is a win-win for you and the planet.

If you’re interested in learning more about MVHR systems and how they can benefit your home, the team at Cool Runnings are only too happy to help. We are dedicated specialists in MVHR and domestic ventilation, and we can help you choose the correct Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system for your home. Contact us today to find out more.

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