Commissioning and Certification for Your Ventilation System

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive testing and commissioning services for a range of systems, including continuous and intermittent extract fans, centralised MEV systems, and Heat Recovery Ventilation MVHR systems.

Expert Engineers Accredited by NICEIC and BPEC for Optimal System Functionality

Our team of expert engineers is fully accredited by NICEIC and BPEC. In addition, we are certified to test and commission various home ventilation systems, giving you peace of mind that your system is functioning optimally and in compliance with regulations.

MVHR installation - Cool Runnings
Expert Engineers Accredited by NICEIC and BPEC for Optimal System Functionality - Cool Runnings

Why Choose Us for Your Ventilation System Testing and Commissioning Needs?

Commissioning is vital in identifying faults and ensuring the effectiveness of your ventilation system. Due to poor installations, we have encountered numerous issues, such as blocked ducts and incorrect air supply. Our specialists are well-equipped to detect and resolve these issues before they cause significant property damage.

Your ventilation system is a significant investment, and entrusting its testing and commissioning to a team of experts like us is essential. Our industry experience and skills guarantee your system’s optimal functionality and regulatory compliance.

Discover why our residential and commercial clients trust us repeatedly

  • With our competitive rates, we provide immediate and accurate feedback on all issues at no additional cost, enabling builders to take immediate action.
  • We provide our clients instant access to commissioning certification documents by uploading them to a seamless, cloud-based system. This ensures that all paperwork is easily accessible in one centralised location instead of being scattered across numerous emails, making the process efficient and stress-free.
  • No matter the size of the project, from tiny residential homes to large apartment complexes, we guarantee quick turnaround times for testing and commissioning.
  • We provide comprehensive testing and commissioning services, including verifying the functionality of fan diagnostics, wet room and kitchen boost switches and ensuring that temperature and humidity sensors are set up correctly.
  • Our attention to detail ensures that your home ventilation system operates efficiently and effectively, promoting a comfortable and healthy environment for building occupants.

Ensure Fresh Air and Healthy Living with Expert Ventilation Testing and Commissioning

Breathable air is essential for healthy living, and good ventilation is the key to achieving it. However, testing and commissioning are two distinct processes for ensuring the efficiency of ventilation systems. While commissioning is primarily concerned with advanced techniques like Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR), testing is focused on extractor fans, such as those commonly found in bathrooms, and kitchens. Testing evaluates whether the fans extract adequate air to maintain optimal air quality.

Why Adequate Ventilation Testing and Commissioning is Crucial?

Ventilation plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. That’s why ensuring that all mechanical ventilation systems, including MEV and MVHR, undergo thorough testing and commissioning after installation is essential. Keep the air quality in your property high – prioritise proper ventilation testing and commissioning.

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  • A healthy ventilation system is essential for improving your and your property’s overall well-being by providing a consistent supply of fresh air into the home.
  • Ventilation testing and commissioning are crucial to ensure that all rooms undergo sufficient air changes, replacing stagnant, stale air with fresh, filtered air.
  • Proper testing of MEV air extraction systems ensures that they are removing stale air effectively and set at the correct extraction rate to avoid drawing out heating or leaving living spaces feeling stuffy.
  • Correct balancing of the MVHR system is essential to maintain energy efficiency by ensuring that the same amount of air being removed is also returned to the property.
  • Failure to test and commission a ventilation system could result in higher running costs, noise disturbances, and colder rooms.
  • Adequate ventilation testing is also crucial to address the internal overheating of rooms by ensuring that the system can produce high airflow rates.

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