MMC Ten Degrees MVHR system

Modular Modern Construction (MMC) is a construction method that involves assembling prefabricated modules in a factory setting before transporting them to the construction site. This approach has recently gained popularity as it immensely reduces the carbon footprint associated with the construction process, also minimising the logistics element.

One such project that utilised MMC is the Ten Degrees Croydon residential development London, which comprises two 38- and 44-storey towers containing 546 homes for the built-to-rent market. The project was completed in 2019 and is now the tallest modular housing scheme in the world, reaching a height of 135 meters.

The use of MMC allowed the project to be completed in just 39 months, which is significantly shorter than the traditional construction time for a project of this size and scale. Hailed as a ‘new benchmark in the potential of modular construction’, the Ten Degrees development is a powerful demonstration of what this construction method can achieve.

How Cool Runnings helped deliver a cool project:

As part of the project, Cool Runnings was responsible for installing all 546 mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems used in the development. We worked closely with the main contractor, Vision Modular Systems, to ensure that the ventilation systems were installed and commissioned correctly, in line with the project schedule.

Despite the daily challenges, our highly skilled team safely installed 90% of 546 MVHR systems in the fast-paced factory environment, passing all client quality checks. The remaining 10% of the project’s installation was completed onsite in East Croydon.

Through constant communication and coordination with other trades, we ensured that the high volumes of ducting components were installed per the design layout. Our versatile team successfully installed all the ventilation systems in the modular units with efficiency and precision, helping to create a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for the tower’s new residents.

Cool Runnings is proud to have played a part in delivering this award-winning project. We are passionate about supporting both MMC and the traditional method of building industry and are always looking for new ways to add value.

What’s next for Cool Runnings?

The Ten Degrees development is just one example of the complex construction projects on our portfolio. Our team has a wealth of experience installing MVHR and MEV systems in new-build and retrofit projects, and we are always looking for new challenges.

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